We know of the lndra, the god who wields the lightning weapon (vajrayudha), but was it the same as per the vedic texts? Let us learn more about Indra ...View Details

Prof. Allan is a popular teacher not just for the inspiration he provides, but also for his teaching style. He is a much sought-after resource person ...View Details

From machine learning to artificial intelligence, world is changing rapidly right around us. Gaining the right skills & updating oneself with cont...View Details

Close your eyes and enter the magical world created by the genius Mahakavi Kalidasa while you listen to this podcast. Kalidasa's imagination turns inn...View Details

Dr. Kuldeep Kumar spoke about the major frauds and scams in India’. And ‘how to detect frauds based on Kautilya’s work’. One of the main sub-topics t...View Details

Indian wisdom is not understood by the Indians today because we think that it is too old for our generations. However, the answer to the issue actual...View Details

Teaching is not about teaching. Teaching is about learning! — says Prof. Nagaraj Neerchal in an interview with prominent author and speaker - Shefali ...View Details

Forensic Psychology one of the fascinating branch of Psychology. Many students recently are attracted to pursue their career in this area. Psycho-lega...View Details

The online, mental health promotional activities of Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth as a part of the observance of World Mental Health Day was inaugurated b...View Details

Neuropsychological rehabilitation is a theoretical framework of interventions designed to improve cognitive, emotional, and psycho-social functioning ...View Details

Let us learn more about the different streams of Indian Wisdom and what they offer us in our life from Prof. Gauri Mahulikar.   Register to join the w...View Details

Kala in Sanskrit and most Indian languages means fine arts. Music, dance, painting, sculpting, making perfumes are some of the 64 kalas enumerated in ...View Details

India has continuous and cumulative intellectual traditions in various domains of knowledge which are today collectively referred to as Indian Knowl...View Details

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